Monday, September 20, 2010

Unique Twist On A Traditional Wedding Bouquet Firefly Lightning Bug Bouquet Lanterns With Moss Woodland Forest Summer Fall CHIC Decoration Aisle Path Candles Dusk Twilight Wedding


These are such a fun find! For sale is a grapevine ball, attached to a grapevine stick. Each grapevine ball has been filled with moss and a battery operated string of lights (batteries not included)... when you turn the lights on it looks as if fireflies are dancing all around! SO AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL at a dusk or twilight wedding... Measures 5" ball on 18" stick.

These gorgeous firefly sticks can be used in so many ways... Use them as...

1. A unique twist on a traditional wedding bouquet. Have your bridal party carry these down the aisle, they'll surely get a TON of ohhhhhhhhhhhhhs and ahhhhhhhhhhhs. So perfect for a dusk or twilight wedding!

2. Use them as aisle lanterns, place the stick in the ground and they'll light up your walk down the aisle :O)

3. Place them on each table as a unique table decoration.

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